Community Outreach

Community” describes a group of people or a place; both who play a critical role in molding our youth into young men and women. The Huddle Show works to be an example to kids in the community by having a positive, professional, and impactful presence. Each year we partner with companies, organizations, and leaders in our area to achieve our community service goals. Our service goals involve but are not limited to donations, volunteering, fundraising, providing sports media intern opportunities to the youth, and mentoring the youth in our community.

Summer Madness League

Summer Madness is a new High School summer league that will showcase a number of Public and Private schools in the (DMV) metropolitan area. The Huddle Show will provide media coverage of the league to include photography, video highlights, weekly game analysis and player of the week articles presented in the “The Huddle Weekly” newsletter, post game interviews with players and coaches, and a live stream of the “Game of the Week”. In the playoff and championship rounds, The Huddle Show provides live streaming access of each game to coaches at the collegiate level to highlight the talents of our student athletes.

Life Skill Summer Basketball Camp

Children will learn the fundamentals of basketball from professional trainers with real life experience on multiple levels of basketball, including the NBA. Campers will learn the fundamentals at skill stations, in classroom study sessions and have the opportunity to display their newly acquired skills during skill competitions and scrimmages. We will collaborate with local chefs/nutritionist and certified trainers in our area to provide fitness training and nutritional meals and education for our campers. Each camper will leave with improved skills, a heightened basketball IQ, more insight into their health and wellness, and a renewed passion for life and the game of basketball.

The Huddle AAU Basketball Program

The Huddle Show believes, “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”.  From grassroots to the NBA floor, if fundamentals and the love of the game are imparted upon our youth from an early age, it will stay with them until the end.  Energy, effort and execution is what we preach and teach on and off the court. The transformation of the thinking and actions of these young men are our daily focus and we do it through the life lessons provided by the game of basketball. 

The Huddle Internship Program

The Huddle internship program provides an opportunity for students to learn, practice and grow their skills in media pre/post-production, public relations, interview training, and media broadcasting. We intend to develop partnerships with schools in the community to establish Huddle Internship programs, selecting 3-5 students from each school to play an integral role in covering their respective sports programs.

Student Athlete of the Month

The Huddle Show student athlete of the month program was created to honor students who distinguish themselves in their sporting arena and academically. This award also acknowledges their effort and excellence in leadership, integrity, dedication to the team, campus involvement, community service, and the ability to serve as a role model and make positive contributions to their school community and beyond.

Community Hero of the Month

The Huddle Show “Community Hero of the Month” program was created to honor individuals who offer their courage, leadership, integrity, strength, and self-sacrifice in the service of a neighborhood, benefiting people who may never know them by name, but who will reap the rewards of their work. These individuals are driven to tackle social and economic challenges that doubters insist can never be overcome. They are acknowledged for their ability to serve as role models and make positive contributions to their local communities and beyond.